H2SO4 98% – Sulfuric Acid

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H2SO4 98% bonded and qualities:

  • H2SO4 is a liquid, colorless pure, specific gravity 1,859 at 0 oC and 1,837 at 15 oC, depending on the impurity it is yellow or gray or brown. H2so4 acid price
  • When cooled, it will solidify into molten crystals at 10.49 oC. However, liquid acid can easily slow down
    un solidified below 0 oC. buy sulfuric acid, h2so4 price, sulfuric acid price, sell h2so4, sell acid h2so4
    At 30 – 40 ° C, start to smoke and the next heating will produce SO3 vapor. Start boiling at 290 ° C and the temperature will rise quickly until stopping SO3 release. The remaining hydrate contains 98.3% H2SO4 and Boiling at 338 oC.
  • Concentrated H2SO4 absorbs strongly moisture and is therefore a good desiccant, vapor pressure H2O on H2SO4 is 0,003mmHg.
  • When it is necessary to dilute H2SO4 acid, water should not be added to acid, but acid must be added to the water.
  • When heating H2SO4, the SO2 and SO3 gas particles are very toxic.
  • H2SO4 splashes into the skin causing severe burns, the eye can be blinded, falling into paper, cloth … will burn.


Types sulfuric acid H2SO4 98%:

  • Although 100% sulfuric acid can be produced, it will lose SO3 at the boiling point to produce 98.3% acid. 98% acid is also more stable when stored, because it is the usual form of concentrated sulfuric acid. Other concentrations sulfuric acid are used for different purposes. Some common concentrations are:
    – 10%, diluted sulfuric acid for laboratory use.
    – 33.5%, acid for batteries (used in lead-acid batteries)
    – 62.18%, acid in the tank (lead) or for fertilizer production
    – 77.67%, acid in production tower or Glover acid.
    – 98%, concentrated purchase. Buy sulfuric acid
  • There are many different levels of purity. Technical H2SO4 is not pure and usually colored, but it is suitable for fertilizer production. Pure types like US Pharmacopoeia (USP) are used to produce pharmaceuticals and dyes.
  • When high concentrations of SO3 (gas) are added to sulfuric acid, H2S2O7 is generated. It is known as fuming sulfuric acid or ole, or less commonly used than Nordhausen acid. The concentration of the umbrellas is either expressed as% SO3 (called% ohm) or as “% H2SO4 (amount formed if added H2O); The main concentrations are 40% ozone (109% H2SO4) and 65% ozone (114.6% H2SO4). Pure H2S2O7 is actually a solid with a melting point of 36 ° C.


Annual production 160 million tons H2SO4. Sulfuric acid is the leading chemical in many manufacturing industries:

  • 2% dye.
  • Metallurgy 2%
  • 5% plastic
  • 14% detergent
  • Paper, fiber 8%.
  • Viscose yarn
  • Acetate fiber
  • Paint 11%.
  • 30% fertilizer
  • Phosphate fertilizer
  • Ammonium sulfate
  • NPK fertilizer.
  • Other applications 28%
  • Oil.
  • Gunpowder.
  • Battery
  • Medicine.
  • Pesticides.


98.0% min Sulfuric acid content
Ash content 0.02% max
The content of Fe 0.005% max
Content As 0.0001% max
The content of Hg 0.001% ma
Content Pb 0.005% max min